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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Need to repair the torsion spring in Santa Fe, Texas? Is the spring broken? Does it make a loud noise? Get in touch with our local company every time you need garage door torsion spring repair in Santa Fe. Trained, insured, and qualified, our techs can tackle spring problems effectively. We always respond fast when there are spring repair needs. Springs can cause a number of problems and more often than not, they might cause accidents too. So leave any spring repair to us. Whether you want to replace or fix them, contact Garage Door Repair Santa Fe.

For urgent garage door torsion spring repair in Santa Fe, call us

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Santa Fe

We respond as fast as possible to do any required torsion spring repair in Santa Fe. The door opens up and stays open thanks to the spring. It will also come down without slamming because the spring keeps resistance and holds the door’s weight together with the cables. In order to offer their service, springs are tensed. But overtime they might lose some of their tension. Their coils might also get rusty. The shaft or bearings might get damaged. So we are ready to do any spring repair needed.

  • Lubrication
  • Add tension
  • Release tension
  • Replace spring parts
  • Broken torsion spring replacement

Spring repairs require experience & the right tools. Trust us

Unlike extension springs, which will fly in the garage should there is no safety cables to keep them in place when broken, torsion springs won’t fly if they snap. But it’s still dangerous to be face to face with a damaged spring if you lack the experience and the right tools. Leave any spring repair to us. Our techs are qualified and insured. We know how to handle spring problems and have the equipment to make the right torsion spring adjustment and repair.

Call now for torsion spring replacement

Call us now if your spring has snapped. We provide emergency garage door torsion spring replacement. The service is done quickly and with the right tools. Our tech removes the broken spring with attention and makes sure the new spring is adjusted correctly. We always test the balance of the door and check that it closes all the way down before leaving.

Be certain that any garage door torsion spring repair Santa Fe service is done promptly and correctly. Call us now if you’ve got trouble with your torsion spring.

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